Saturday, January 20, 2007

Six Years of National Tragedy: A Wiki

In the spirit of Wikipedia, I thought it would be fun and useful for us to do a Wiki-like diary. It's six years today since Bush and his mafia took over our country. What better occasion than this for us to list the ways in which these people have damaged our country? I'll start the ball rolling! (And remember to add links!)
Today, 20 January 2007, marks the sixth anniversary of George W. Bush's inauguration as president. Following the stolen 2000 election, the first true coup d'etat in American history, the Republicans completed the seizure of all three branches of the federal government, the first time since 1929 that all of them were under the control of conservatives. (The mind reels.) What followed was an unmitigated disaster, a nightmare of incompetence, lies, malice, criminality, corruption, and hypocrisy. There has not been one good thing about Bush's presidency, and I mean nothing. Anything positive has been purely accidental, minor, and peripheral to the main goals of the Bush administration. The list of Bush lies, foul-ups, diasters, and criminality is as follows:
--Anti-terrorism was downgraded in importance in the early months of the Bush Administration, as John Ashcroft was more interested in fighting drugs than fighting Al Qaeda.
--The Hart-Rudman commission's recommendations were ignored or downplayed.
--A direct warning of Bin Laden's intentions was tossed into Bush's lap on 6 August 2001. Bush promptly went on vacation for five weeks.
--On the terrible day of 11 September 2001, Bush sat stunned and useless when he heard the news of the strike about which he had been clearly warned.
--After 9/11, Bush squandered the good will of the entire world and decided to use the attacks for partisan political advantage.
Now, it's your turn. Go for it!

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