Tuesday, January 09, 2007

They're Comin' Up Democratic!

Good news indeed from the new Pew Research Study: (pdf)

Gen Next: More Democratic, More Liberal

Trends in party identification suggest that this generation of young people is more Democratic than the generation that came before it. In the 2004 presidential election, where they turned out in near record numbers, young voters chose John Kerry over George Bush by a decisive margin. Majorities of the older age groups backed Bush. And in the 2006 mid-term elections for Congress, young people voted overwhelmingly for Democrats over Republicans, by 58%-37% among all 18-24 year-olds, according to national exit polls. These voting patterns reflect a broader Democratic leaning among Gen Nexters. In 2006, 48% of young people identified themselves as Democrats or leaned toward the Democratic Party, while only 35% identified themselves as Republicans – the lowest number recorded by Pew in its nearly 20-year trend. This makes them the least Republican generation. [Emphasis added]
Outstanding! People tend to stay close to their original voting orientation (although obviously not always). I differ with the whole concept of "generation" but it's good to see so many younger voters choosing to side with the one major party that is actually trying to save this country. This bodes very well for a Democratic future. I guess after seeing a total screwup Republican in charge, it's only natural for young people to reject him--and his miserable, lying, corrupt friends and allies.
(Hat tip: Sully)

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