Saturday, September 02, 2006

Protest ABC's Pro-Bush Propaganda

ABC is planning a two night made for TV movie called The Path to 9/11.

It blames Bill Clinton for everything related to the attack and ignores all of Clinton's anti-terrorist efforts.

It presents Condi Rice and George ("All right, you've covered your ass.") Bush as effective, heroic leaders. It utterly ignores Bush's screw ups in the nine months he was in office prior to 9/11.

It is being praised by Rush Limbaugh and the right wing fanatics at Front Page.

Its director is a right winger.

This is pro-Republican, pro-Bush bullshit and it's being broadcast less than two months before the vitally important midterm elections. ABC needs to be hit where it counts--in the pocketbook. Let them know you intend to boycott their advertisers.

You can contact ABC here.

Let them hear you. Loud and clear.
UPDATE: You can find the REAL story of Clinton's efforts and Bush's lies and mistakes here, courtesy of William Rivers Pitt. Don't miss it.

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