Sunday, September 03, 2006

Little Ricky Makes an Ass of Himself on "Meet the Press"

Declaring, among other things, that Bush is a "terrific" president. (Survey USA's latest poll of Pennsylvania voters indicates, by 40% to 59%, that Pennsylvanians don't agree.) Santorum generally comes off as a right wing toad, as you can see here, courtesy of AmericaBlog.
BTW, the DSCC's take on it:
IN CASE YOU MISSED IT, HERE'S THE QUICK & DIRTY: Santorum called George Bush a "terrific president," admitted to sleeping in Pennsylvania just one month a year, reiterated his support for privatizing Social Security, praised Bush's handling of Iraq and insisted there were WMD in Iraq even though the White House has acknowledged there weren't. Casey laid out a new direction, calling for the Iraqis to take the lead on their own security and detailing specific ways for enhancing the U.S. military. He outlined a plan to balance the budget and spoke about the need for Pennsylvania to have a Senator who will hold George Bush accountable for advancing an ineffective agenda.

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