Thursday, September 28, 2006

Our Country is Dying

The House is ramming through legislation to legalize warrantless wiretapping.

Congress has approved a measure to let Bush arrest anyone he suspects of being "pro-terror". The measure allows such people to be tortured, denied legal protection, and held without charge indefinitely. It means that habeas corpus rights are disappearing.
The crushing of our Constitution looms.
Bush and Cheney are running secret prisons.
The Administration is sending suspected terrorists to countries that practice the most monstrous torments, whether those suspected "terrorists" actually did anything or not.
Most Democrats are afraid to speak up too loudly against these outrages for fear that our right wing media machine will label them as traitors, forgetting the machine will label them as traitors no matter what they do.
Iraq has descended into such a horrible nightmare of suffering that it's almost unbearable to read about it. Rival groups are routinely inflicting the most hideous tortures on each other in a demented wave of cruelty that makes A Clockwork Orange look like a children's book. Morgues in Baghdad are overflowing. Our soldiers and Marines are caught in the middle of this hell.
Religious radicals are screaming that anyone who opposes Bush should be tried for treason, including conservative Republicans who question him about anything. Children in "Jesus Camp" are being brainwashed to see Bush as a Christ figure.
The Republicans stand a reasonably good chance of retaining control of Congress. And most people won't even vote.
War with Iran, with all its dire consequences, is already being planned.
The economy is moving inexorably toward crisis, brought on by reckless spending and irresponsible tax cuts. Housing is already in crisis.
The America I knew is dying. And not many people seem to give a rat's ass.
So, I'll move my family off the mainland, to Hawaii, and we'll try to hide there. If worse comes to worst, maybe Australia or New Zealand will take us in.
But I wouldn't blame them if they didn't.


Lance Ehlers said...

Today was the first day ever in my lifetime that I've witnessed something transpire within our government which caused me real, immediate fear for our future & overtly felt like a big step toward the type of American authoritarian government which serves as the background for hundreds of cliche science fiction novels.

Keep the covers turned down for me in the spare bedroom, Joe.

Ryan Brei said...

I'm coming with you.

Joseph said...

We'll all hide together.

pablo said...

Dudes, "Don't crush that dwarf, hand me the pliers!"...

Steve Garrison said...

Get out of my bed, Ryan.