Wednesday, March 31, 2010

YES! Lawsuit Filed Against Hannity's Phony, Criminal "Charity" Scam!

Joe Conason has the details for us here. Excerpt:

The CREW [Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington] complaints, posted on the watchdog group's Web site, provide considerable detail about the facts uncovered in its investigation of Freedom Alliance. Among the documents cached on the site is a contract showing that proceeds from the concert tour are actually controlled by Premiere Marketing, a Tennessee speakers agency that represents Hannity and North, and its president, Duane Ward.

At the heart of the CREW complaints -- and the questions raised about the Freedom Alliance by Schlussel -- is how much of the total that Hannity and North promised to devote to scholarships for the children of wounded and deceased veterans was spent on that worthy purpose. The data compiled by CREW's researchers from Freedom Alliance's own IRS 990 forms show that in every year since 2003, when the concert tours began, the organization has spent more on postage and printing combined (and on salaries) than on "grants" -- and far more on "expenses."

Let's keep the pressure on these crooks and grifters. These bums are leeching money contributed in good faith by people trying to help wounded veterans. Throw the book at 'em!

And let's ask Fox "News": how long are you going to keep this lying weasel Hannity on the air?

UPDATE: The link to CREW's official complaint is here.

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