Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Click on the link here and watch.

Watch especially the part starting at 50 seconds. You'll see several right-wing SCUM telling a man afflicted with Parkinson's disease that he won't get any "handouts" on their side of town. Watch the right-wing ASSHOLE who mockingly gives him $2 to "help". Listen to another right-wing ASSHOLE call him Communist--all because he supports a health care reform bill that might help him with his condition. Someone very close to me is afflicted with Parkinson's disease. Watching these conservative SCUM ridiculing this man PISSES ME OFF.


G-d damn, am I mad.

UPDATE: The video has been placed on YouTube and I can now embed it:


The Precious said...

My mother-in-law, a lovely woman of around 80 years of age, has Parkinson's. She and my father-in-law both have socialized medicine...Medicare. Thank goodness for it. My mother-in-law, by the way, is a veteran and served in the Navy. My father-in-law served in the reserves. Both worked every day of their lives and paid their taxes in full. They had a business and employed others. Handouts? F*** you to anyone who thinks they are looking for handouts, or that health care reform is a handout. Those people are morons anyway. Why they want to preserve a system that gouges us is beyond me, unless they are insurance company executives. The countries with universal single pay half or less than half per capita for health care and everyone in those countries is covered.

I was at one of these townhall meetings with my asswipe representative. Some guy said he worked for an insurance company and that, if the government "took over", we'd lose all that insurance company expertise. I had to deal with my health insurance company the other day. I think we could all sleep easily with the loss of that expertise. Unless he means we'd lose expertise in denying coverage to people who have paid for it.

Rick Janes said...

This is an outrage, and I wish I had the wherewithal to check the backgrounds of the people who showed up in that video ranting against health care reform. I'd bet many of them are like that crowd of 'average Floridians' in Palm Beach County in 2000 who wanted the recount stopped. They turned out to be staffers for Congressional Republicans, flown to Florida to pretend to be angry average citizens. A shame it took years before our Big Media got around to reporting that little fact.

Dollars to donuts that the nasty 'average people' shown in this video are actually corporate lobbyists, GOP staffers, right-wing media employees, or their families. 'Pros' in other words, pushing the party agenda.

Hell is too good for these despicable hypocrites and liars.

Iago de Otto said...

"A shame it took years before our Big Media got around to reporting that little fact."

If you haven't seen it, the film Recount is a quite good re-enactment of that Rethug fraternity party. It may have been critiqued by some as not being 100% accurate, but that's light years better still than any accuracy one might hope for from the corporate media. And Kevin Spacey is always good.

"Hell is too good for these despicable hypocrites and liars."

Being turds in a toilet in Hell would be an awesome achievement that their mothers would be proud of for such sub-human pieces of, well, you know . . . but anyway, a child only a braindead mother could rove, I mean rub, no lub, no . . . oh, never mind. Those guys are real jerkoffs.

Rick Janes said...

Correction to my earlier post: The fake Floridians protesting the Florida 2000 recount were in Miami-Dade Conuty, not Palm Beach County.

Rachel Maddow has a good take on the history of these fake GOP protestors here:


Anonymous said...

God bless the people from 1:45 onwards.

Rick Janes said...

@ Iago: I'll make a point of catching 'Recount' -- I've heard of it, but haven't had the chance to see it yet.

I'm hoping, perhaps in vain, that most of America will wake up to what incredible assholes these neocon Republicans are. They are not Americans in the sense of "We the people," they are greedy, snotty, sniveling little yuppie jerks who are only out for themselves no matter who or what else gets hurt in the process. They are like that right-wing blogger who thought that winning the Iraq War was vital to the very existence of our country, but when asked why he didn't volunteer to go fight in it, peddled some mumbo-jumbo about being in college and not seeing any reason why he should risk his ass and bright future when there are so many poor people who needed jobs getting shot at in the military. It's just like Dan Quayle and Dick Cheney supporting the Vietnam War, but not quite enough to enlist and volunteer for combat duty. This is the true face of the modern conservative and they should be shamed from public life.

John Kenneth Galbraith had it right: "The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness."

Being a raving asshole just comes with the territory.