Friday, March 26, 2010

Michele the Moron Strikes Again!

Did you know that before September 2008 the economy was 100 per cent private? Yuh huh. And the evil, anti-American (her term) Barack Obama seized it and made this country into some kind of socialist thinga-majiggy. Michele Bachmann told us so. This, from the same woman whose family sucked up more than $250,000 in Federal farm subsidies over a ten year period. This from a "patriot" so utterly ignorant of her own country's history that she confuses Herbert Hoover with FDR. This, from a woman who is either so shockingly dishonest or frighteningly insane that she claims that Barack Obama is planning to herd our nation's young people into "re-education camps". (In fact, just enter the word Bachmann as a search term on my blog. There's a lot more.)

Michele Bachmann is a disgrace to Congress. Her wretched combination of right-wing paranoia, unhinged McCarthyism, and bare-faced lying make her one of the very worst of the Right-wing radicals that are such a deadly threat to our nation's survival. That this incoherent clown is a spokesperson for the "Tea Party" people says everything we need to know about the modern Republican Party.

Remember folks--if the Republicans win this year, Little Michele becomes even more powerful--and more dangerous.

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