Saturday, September 05, 2009

You Know What? I'm SICK AND G-D DAMNED TIRED of Idiots Like This Guy

He's a right-wing psychotic Republican from Georgia who claims that President Obama is trying to establish a totalitarian state. You can read the specific "arguments" this knuckle-dragging cretin is making by hitting the link. But I'll tell you something:

I have no interest in "negotiating" with scum like him. I just want to do one thing:


I've f---ing had it with people like this idiot and Bachmann and Boehner and Cantor and all the rest of the mentally unbalanced, pathological liars that comprise the vast majority of the Republican congressional delegation. I've had it with the Birther psychotics, the Texas Traitors (the secessionists), the people screeching about the President's address to American school children, the Tea Party morons (who wouldn't know a real Communist if one walked up and bit them on the ass) shouting "Communist!" at President Obama, the creationist clowns, repulsively stupid bastards like James Inhofe from Oklahoma, crooks like Ralph Reed and Jack Abramoff, closet-case homophobes, lying propaganda hacks like Hannity, borderline psychopaths like Beck, vicious racist con artists like Limbaugh, and the rest of the stinking pile of horse shit that comprises the vast bulk of the conservative movement in America today. My God, these people are even screaming that a Republican Senator from Utah with a damn near 100% conservative voting record, isn't conservative enough, and should be challenged from the Right!! The reasonable or sane Republicans and conservatives are being drowned out by these fruitcakes, and the Republican Party's leadership kowtows to the Radical Right on EVERY ISSUE.

No, I won't compromise with these losers.

No, I won't argue on their terms.

No, I don't have to respect them.

And Mr. President, PLEASE get it through your head: a lot of these psychotics won't be happy until you, your wife, and your children are dead. You're just a Nigger Liberal who deserves to die as far as the Radical Right is concerned. Stop trying to reason with them.

Go Chicago on their asses. And win the fight for the vast majority of America.

You know--the sane part.


Anonymous said...

You go, Bro Joe! Let 'em have it. No one has the guts to give it to 'em straight, like you.

Thank you for keeping up the initiative.

Tom Englund

Steve Garrison said...

Amen. William F. Buckley or Barry Goldwater wouldn't recognize these coconut fuckers if they were sitting across the table from them. And they probably are.

Ghost Knight said...

If you and your brilliant, insightful, righteous, moral and upstanding progressive liberals are spoiling for a fight, all you have to do is ask. We moronic, shallow, sinful, immoral and gutter-trawling conservatives are ready to dance. Any time, anywhere, and you can call the tune.

Joseph said...

Ghost, like I said, I ain't even gonna try to reason with you. Thanks for proving my point.

Ghost Knight said...

And thank you for proving mine.