Sunday, September 13, 2009

Greenwald Nails It: the Attacks on Obama Are Nothing New

They attacked Bill Clinton just as brutally and dishonestly (although I would add the President Obama's skin color alone provokes rage in many conservatives). The fact is simple: as far as radical right-wingers are concerned, no Democratic president, however legitimately elected, has the right to govern. Unless these ultra-conservative thugs are stopped, they will continue to use these lying, ugly methods again and again. Excerpt:

Nothing that the GOP is doing to Obama should be the slightest bit surprising because this is the true face of the American Right -- and that's been true for a very long time now. It didn't just become true in the last few months or in the last two years. Recent months is just the time period when the media began noticing and acknowledging what they are: a pack of crazed, primitive radicals who don't really believe in the country's core founding values and don't merely disagree with, but contest the legitimacy of, any elected political officials who aren't part of their movement. Before the last year or so, the media pretended that this was a serious, adult, substantive political movement, but it wasn't any truer then than it is now. All one has to do is review their behavior during the Clinton presidency -- to say nothing of the Bush years -- to see that none of this is remotely new. Nothing they're doing to Obama is a break from their past behavior; it's just a natural and totally predictable continuation of it.

Read the whole thing, folks. It's good stuff.

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Anonymous said...

I would like to know how anyone would want to be President of the United States. Most take a pay cut to become President. No matter what your party they are ripped apart by the media and the other side of the aisle. It is not just a Democratic President this is for both sides. Joseph, Do the men who became President only do it for the power? or for madness?