Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ha Ha Ha! Another Massive Tea Bagger FAIL

On C-Span, evidence of only 30 thousand right-wing protestors at the "million-man" Tea Bagger Woodstock in Washington. Let me be the first to say--

BTW, pathological liar Michelle Malkin is claiming 2 million.

Does she think everyone is as stupid, gullible, and unhinged as the Tea Bagger knuckle draggers are? Doesn't she think people can see??


Anonymous said...

I thought that you would find it interesting that the largest gathering of the "Tea Parties" was in New Lenox, Illinois where you used to teach. I guess that they are still the "Home of Proud Americans."

Anonymous said...

And Friday 9/18/09, someone set up a stand in front of the NL post office, declaring our monetary system was dead. Complete with an Obama-Hitler poster.
Out of curiosity, I looked up the origin of that image. One of the right wing media sources claimed "communist" Lyndon Larouche was behind it. I wiki'd LL - scary!! He started out as a communist 60 years ago, but he's been everything since. He's left wing the same way Stalin was. I think he's moved on from the "No organized party" Democrats (Fairchild etc.) to more fertile ground - The Tea Baggers! Your comments, JM?

Anonymous said...

(Apologies if this posts twice)
New Lenox was one of the larger gatherings? Of course, the local paper offered such biased favorable coverage that you would think they had sponsored it.
Then, on 9/18/09, someone set up a stand in front of the NL post office declaring that our monetary system was dead, complete with an Obama-Hitler poster.
I was curious as to who was printing up these posters. A rightwing media sources claims "communist" Lyndon Larouche is behind it. I wiki'd him - scary! He started out as a communist 60 years ago and has been just about everything since. I think fascist or Stalinesque are better descriptors. Remember the Larouche / Fairchild infiltration of the "no organized party" Democrats when Adlai Stevenson III was running for Illinois governor? It sounds like he's found something better - the "ask no questions" Tea Baggers!
Your comments, JM?