Saturday, January 29, 2011

One of the Many Reasons I Hate Patrick Buchanan

Want to know why this country is so screwed up, and why so many conservative politicians and pundits are so utterly vile and loathsome? Check out this memo sent to Richard (Traitor-Criminal-Psychopath) Nixon in 1971 by the contemptible Buchanan:

Nixon was coldly mixing and pouring volatile passions. Although he was careful to renounce the extreme fringe of Birchites and racists, his means to power eventually became the end. Buchanan gave me a copy of a seven-page confidential memorandum—“A little raw for today,” he warned—that he had written for Nixon in 1971, under the heading “Dividing the Democrats.” Drawn up with an acute understanding of the fragilities and fault lines in “the Old Roosevelt Coalition,” it recommended that the White House “exacerbate the ideological division” between the Old and New Left by praising Democrats who supported any of Nixon’s policies; highlight “the elitism and quasi-anti-Americanism of the National Democratic Party”; nominate for the Supreme Court a Southern strict constructionist who would divide Democrats regionally; use abortion and parochial-school aid to deepen the split between Catholics and social liberals; elicit white working-class support with tax relief and denunciations of welfare. Finally, the memo recommended exploiting racial tensions among Democrats. “Bumper stickers calling for black Presidential and especially Vice-Presidential candidates should be spread out in the ghettoes of the country,” Buchanan wrote. “We should do what is within our power to have a black nominated for Number Two, at least at the Democratic National Convention.” Such gambits, he added, could “cut the Democratic Party and country in half; my view is that we would have far the larger half.”

(From the New Yorker) [Emphasis added]

Yes folks, if you want to know where the Republicans have been getting their strategy for the past 40 years, here's the blueprint. Buchanan and his ilk, like Karl Rove, hate everything this country stands for, and are willing to plunge the nation into ceaseless conflict for their own benefit. Patrick Buchanan has been a cancer on this country his entire adult life--viciously racist, anti-Semitic (his chief "cause" for a while was defending the rights of Nazi mass murderers and giving moral support to Holocaust deniers), and willing to tell any lie and spread any ugly smear in order to gain advantage.

Lee Atwater said that after the 1950s, it was no longer possible for conservatives to yell "Nigger, Nigger, Nigger" in a campaign. But Patrick Buchanan's entire career was predicated on the assumption that you should yell it louder and more insistently. Because that's how conservatives win.

They appeal to everything that is worst in us.

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