Saturday, October 09, 2010

Clarence Thomas's Wife is a Right-Wing Fanatic

As reported in The New York Times, Virginia Thomas, wife of Supreme Court "Justice" Clarence Thomas, is a major Tea Party organizer who is now branching out into her out extremist, lunatic Right org called Liberty Central. Liberty Central, BTW, is getting heavy funding from sources that are mysterious:

But to some people who study judicial ethics, Mrs. Thomas’s activism is raising knotty questions, in particular about her acceptance of large, unidentified contributions for Liberty Central. She began the group in late 2009 with two gifts of $500,000 and $50,000, and because it is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit group, named for the applicable section of the federal tax code, she does not have to publicly disclose any contributors. Such tax-exempt groups are supposed to make sure that less than half of their activities are political.

Mrs. Thomas characterizes President Obama and the Democrats in Congress as "tyrants". Yes, they are trying to establish tyranny. Tyranny. Her word. Of all the things that I despise about the Radical Right, it is their perversion of the English language that I find especially offensive. Apparently, tyranny=losing an election. Demented right-wing trash like this floods out of this woman, whose political activity is unprecedented for a Supreme Court spouse. 

Clarence Thomas is NOT an impartial member of the Supreme Court. He is a right wing hack, a REPUBLICAN "justice" handing out PRO-REPUBLICAN decisions. His wife is proving once again how dangerous the influence of the Radical Right is on this country. These people mean to seize control of every institution in America and turn them to their diseased vision of what America should be. What can you do about it?


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