Monday, September 20, 2010

Who is Financing the Radical Right? Part One

Karl Rove's political action group, American Crossroads, which has been paying for lying right-wing attack and smear ads against Democrats, has been getting over 90% of its funding from just THREE billionaires. And guess what? Even more money is being paid out by a right-wing cabal that is NOT required to disclose its contributors.

One key thing to note here is that American Crossroads has a partner group, American Crossroads GPS, that is organized under a section of the tax code that does not require disclosure of donors (though it also imposes some spending restrictions). American Crossroads GPS is raising millions of dollars, the group told Politico, but we'll probably never know from whom.

This is what we're up against, folks. The Ultra Rich, Ultra Right-Wing Radicals think they can buy America. You see that Act Blue link in my blogroll? HIT IT.

And fight back.

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