Thursday, September 16, 2010

O'Donnell Raises $1 Million in ONE DAY. Democrats, Go to War!

We thought we had the Senate election in Massachusetts to fill Ted Kennedy's seat in the bag. We simply assumed that this heavily Blue state would stick with its long political heritage.

We were wrong. And Scott Brown helped give the Radical Right a stranglehold on our government.

Now we assume that right-wing lunatic/anti-masturbator Christine O'Donnell will go down to defeat in Delaware.

Don't bet the farm on it. You see, someone forgot to tell the right-wingers she's doomed. They just poured $1,000,000 into her psycho campaign in ONE DAY.

Sam Stein at HuffPost has the grim details here. From the article:

The best spin coming from the Republican Party in the wake of Christine O'Donnell's primary victory in Delaware this past Tuesday has been that a GOP already fueled with conservative enthusiasm is now even more energized.

Appearing on MSNBC Thursday afternoon, RNC Communications Director Doug Heye relayed that the committee had received a $10,000 donation on Wednesday "because they were excited about Christine O'Donnell's win."

Reports emerged shortly thereafter that O'Donnell herself raised more than $1 million online on Wednesday, a staggering total that could go a long way in a state like Delaware.

Every activist here knows what the victory of someone as fanatically right-wing as O'Donnell would mean. O'Donnell represents everything--and I mean everything--you and I have been fighting against all these years: Christianism, the use of religion as a weapon (not to be confused with Christian empathy and compassion); creationist idiocy and the anti-science attitude it represents; the kind of right-wing authoritarianism that feels entitled to interfere with everyone's privacy; and most of all, unyielding devotion to a set of ideas which, if taken to their logical extreme, would mean the death of our country.

Let's assume NOTHING. Limbaugh is stirring up his Neanderthal audience on O'Donnell's behalf, and the Republicans mean to put this utterly unqualified, dishonest, and quite possibly mentally unbalanced woman in the Senate. She must be stopped at all costs, if only to help stop the cancer of Palinism that is threatening our beloved nation.

Chris Coons has asked for our help. Let's give it to him and send Christine O'Donnell back to the obscurity she so richly deserves.

Contribute to Chris Coons here.

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