Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Rapture-Obsessed Sarah Palin

Does Sarah Palin believe the Apocalypse is near? Based on her remarks that Jews would soon be "flocking" to Israel in the days, weeks, and months to come, it's a possibility. Jeffrey Goldberg interviewed an evangelical scholar from Liberty University named Thomas Ice about the matter. Excerpt:

"Over forty percent of the world's Jews now live in Israel. What Sarah Palin probably believes is that this is the first regathering," when the Jews all migrate to Israel. "This is a condition for the second regathering, the regathering in belief, when the Jewish nation is converted. Then there will be the battle of Armageddon, because remember, Satan wants to wipe out the Jews to prevent the Second Coming, but Jesus comes to rescue the beleaguered Jews. We believe that the Jews are going to be converted so that they can call on Jesus to rescue them from Satan." [Emphasis added.]

Yes, the Jews will convert or die. And the time when the Jews will have to convert or die may be just around the corner.

Battle of Armageddon. The Apocalypse. The Tribulation.

And a lot of Republicans want Sarah Palin to have control of America's nuclear arsenal.

Draw your own conclusions.


Ghost Knight said...

Here are a few conclusions I'll draw:

1. Maybe Palin thinks the Jews will be flocking to Israel because Hussein the Idiot has sold one of our closest allies out to his muslim brothers, and they want to be there to defend the Jewish homeland from invasion.

2. Better someone in the White House using nukes in defense of Israel than someone using nukes to attack Israel (like Hussein) or standing by doing nothing while the Arabs do it (like Hussein).

3. It's a shame that someone with such a lack of faith feels it appropriate to mock and deride the faith others have, yet can be sensitive and over-reactive when he receives the same treatment.

Joseph said...

If you think that President Obama is going to nuke Israel then you're basically insane, and you need psychiatric help.

Gee, are you gonna physically threaten me again for saying that?