Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Losers and Cowards Will Quit Now. I'M GOING TO WAR!

Well, it looks like so-called "Independent" Scott Brown has won a Senate seat in our most heavily Democratic state. Just for the record,


Screw him. The campaign to unseat this lying, Republican Tea Party son a bitch is starting NOW, and I'm starting it.

I will immediately pledge money to any worthy Democrat who announces for Brown's seat for the 2012 election. I'd like to see someone do it tomorrow. Oh, and by the way...

--Stop using the Republican Party's bullshit anti-HCR talking points.

--Start wrapping the Tea Party fanatics around the necks of these lying Republican bastards. Tell the voters the truth: if the Republicans win this year, the people who carry signs showing Barack Obama with a swastika win.

--Start wrapping Limbaugh and Robertson around the Republicans' necks too. Remind them that GOP Party Leader Limbaugh and GOP Patron Saint Robertson are the ones pissing all over the desperate, wounded people of Haiti.

--Start volunteering for your local Democrat NOW.

--Start contributing DIRECTLY to your local Democrat NOW. Screw the DNC and the DSCC. Give money right to your local party.

--Step up the war against the Radical Right in the Letters to the Editor, the on-line forums, and anywhere else you can. These cowards will back down if they're verbally slugged hard enough.

--Start building up your local party ASAP.


Ask them--

If they plan to impeach President Obama.

Ask them if their plans include the following:

Outlawing abortion in all circumstances, even rape, incest, and the life of the mother.

Repealing the health care legislation, including provisions that forbid insurance companies from barring those with pre-existing conditions.

Launching an all-out preemptive war against Iran and Yemen.

Legalizing torture in all criminal interrogations. (Hey Scalia said it didn't violate the 8th Amendment!)

Outlawing all forms of birth control.

Declaring the United States a Christian Nation where non-Christians live only by permission of the Christian majority.

Calling for the death penalty or imprisonment for homosexuality. (Think I'm joking? Read the Oklahoma Republican Party platform if you can stomach it.)

Privatizing Social Security.

Ending Medicare and Medicaid.

Ratcheting up the "war on drugs" and outlawing all medical marijuana, even for the terminally ill.

Allowing for the State to intervene in end-of-life care.

Get these bastards on the freaking record. Put THEM on the G-d damned defensive.

--Ask the Republicans what they think of taxing the Bank Bonuses. Ask them how they intend to create jobs. Ask them what they're going to do about our crumbling infrastructure. Put them on the spot everywhere, every time.

As you can tell, I'm fucking mad. And I'm sick and tired of all the pissing and moaning by Democrats. Get yourselves off the G-d damned ground NOW. Get to work again NOW. Start giving the Republicans hell NOW. I don't give a shit if you think President Obama isn't living up to your G-d damn expectations. The Republicans in power would be a thousand times worse. So take your grief and turn it into anger. Take that anger and turn it into ACTION.

Scotty boy--kiss my ass. No congratulations to you. You will get nothing but all-out war from me, and anyone else with fighting spirit. You're DONE, boy. Count on it.

Remember what Winston Churchill said:


I'm going to war. Right fucking now.


Anonymous said...

Joseph, I am worried about you. I have been reading your blog for awhile now and have enjoyed your thoughts. I am worried you might have a heart attack or jump off a cliff in Hawaii. Take a deep breath. America will carry on and improve each day.

Worried in Wyoming

Joseph said...

Worried, I appreciate your concern. I spend an unhealthy amount of time being angry. But my country is dying, as so many others have, and it has me in utter anguish.

Michael said...

Epic post, Mr. Miller. I'm mobilizing.

Anonymous said...

Joe, what good can such hate do for you, America, or mankind? Hate only hardens your heart and solidifies a path in closed-mindedness, ignorance, and pessimism.

Your passion for this nation is admirable, but no impetus, no matter its roots, will not make demons of us all should we allow it be set up as the thing which guides our hearts.

Anonymous said...

You left off the list the elimination of the teachers union. After all, we MUST defend the right of teachers to retire after 30 years and still in their early 50's while the rest of the tax-paying and pension-supporting public continues working until they're 65 or older.

Zach said...

Joe, this isn't the right response. I admire your passion, but this is not an admirable outlet for those emotions. You've been an intellectual role model for me for the last four years and I look up to you, but this overt message of hate I do not think becomes you.

I'm always praying for you.

Joseph said...

Anonymous opponent of Teachers Unions: Yes, I was lucky enough to be able to retire in my mid fifties. I know I am fortunate. But you had the same freedom to seek the kind of job I had as I did. Did you use it? And if you were offered the opportunity to leave at 55 that I got--would you take it? The Illinois pension system has $28 billion in investments right now. Taxpayer contributions to it are far from its only source of income. I paid into it for 33 years; I applied 2 years of unused sick leave to my service years; I pay taxes on my pension, I help pay for my health insurance, and I get no Social Security or Medicare. In addition, I shelled out $14,000 to enable myself to leave early. And I like to think that I was of service to my community for the years I taught.