Friday, April 18, 2008

The Beltway Media: Blood Enemy of the Democrats

If you have been one of the few regular readers of this little blog, you know that I consider America to be a nation in crisis. This crisis has been brought on in no small measure by media figures who are determined to smear and destroy every Democratic candidate for president. (BTW, the phrase "Liberal Media" is an absurd lie. There is no such thing. It's a conservative fairy tale circulated to intimidate media people.) Their favorite method for doing this is to widely parrot and faithfully circulate every radical right-wing slander and talking point directed at Democrats. In EVERY election, the Democratic candidate is "elitist", "out of touch", "not a Regular American", "not one of us", and other similar vomit. Meanwhile, Republican silver spoon aristocrats like George W. "Aw, shucks, y'all, I'm just like you are" Bush are given the red carpet treatment, fawned over, protected, and portrayed as Real People. Never mind Bush's phony accent, his phony ranch, his multi-million dollar personal wealth, or his amazing record of failing his way upward through the use of family clout and corrupt influence. Why, he's WAY better than any of those fancy-pants librul Democrat Party types, ain't he? Now, Barack Obama is being subjected to the same filthy, despicable tactics. As always, the inimitable Glenn Greenwald is on the case:

The reason the establishment press fixates on these adolescent themes has nothing to do with what "Americans" want. It has everything to do with the fact that it's what these journalists always do; it's what they're programmed to do; and, at this point, it's all the empty and slothful media stars know how to do.

Critically, they're not just assaulting Obama (and, before him, Clinton and Edwards) with randomly selected petty trash. It's purposeful and familiar: all of these Drudgian paper cuts are intended to expose Obama as an exotic, bizarre, effete, vaguely American-hating elitist who is out of touch with Regular Americans and plagued by a personality so unlikable that you can't possibly vote for him even if you agree with him on all of the issues -- just as was true for virtually every national Democratic leader before him. All of this happens while the media reverence for John McCain and his character, "strength," likability and integrity grow -- far beyond even the affection they acknowledge they have long harbored for the amiable war hero, George W. Bush, and which is obligatorily directed at the canonized Ronald Reagan.

As I wrote in Great American Hypocrites:

As always, Drudge rules their world and they become his echo chamber. If he selects a petty, personality-smearing story to trumpet, and the media (as they always do) dutifully follows, then that alone constitutes "proof" of the story’s importance, evidence that "plenty of people" care about it, which in turn justifies the media's continuous chatter about it.

Most certainly, the press will pretend to be above it all ("this is not something that we, the sophisticated political journalists, care about, of course"). But they yammer about Drudge-promoted gossip endlessly, and then insist that their own chattering is proof that it is an important story that people care about. And because they conclude that "people" (i.e., them) are concerned with the story, they keep chirping about it, which in turn fuels their belief that the story is important. It is an endless loop of self-referential narcissism—whatever they endlessly sputter is what "the people" care about, and therefore they must keep harping on it, because their chatter is proof of its importance.
They no longer even need Drudge to lead the way. They find that path on their own now. Journalists like [David] Brooks and his friends fixate on these issues because they're what interests them, because it takes no work and no thought to chatter about it, because they have been fed their trashy storylines by right-wing operatives ever since they formed their partnership with them during the Clinton sex witch hunts, and because the people who become media stars become media stars because this is what they do best (Digby has more on that here). Blaming the American public for the behavior of these journalists only compounds the deceit and scurrilousness of it, particularly given that nobody is more removed and insulted from what "Regular Americans" think than the coddled, pack-mentality media stars who fantasize that they are their spokesmen.
Now, couple this with the fact that the vast majority of Beltway Media people are fervently supporting McCain. They purvey pro-McCain BS 24/7, throw him namby-pamby softball questions, and ignore his $100 MILLION+ personal fortune while portraying him as just a "regular guy". They also ignore McCain's neglect of veterans issues, his bitterly right wing stance on reproductive issues, his corruption, his vile temper, and his questionable mental stability. But Barack Obama is subjected to a constant wave of petty, lying, idiotic bullshit because he is the likely Democratic nominee. We have to call these bastards on it NOW before they succeed in bamboozling enough Americans to get another right-wing radical Republican in the White House.
Remember, Democrats and progressives: the Beltway Media figures ARE YOUR ENEMIES. Treat them in the way they deserve to be treated. They need to be DEFEATED, not compromised with.


Anonymous said...

I'm not buying what you're selling. Everyone, EVERYONE, (except you of course) knows that the media is overwhelmingly Democratic. In the last Presidential election, 82% of the Washington media elites voted for Kerry. Get a new argument.

Joseph said...

And I'm not buying what YOU'RE selling. As I've said a hundred times, look at the record. (And even if the figure you cited was true, what difference does it make? BTW, who was surveyed in this opinion poll? What was the sample size? Where were they drawn from?) Check out the hateful Maureen Dowd, the equally loathesome Chris Matthews, the bloody-handed Bill Kristol, or any of a hundred other opinion makers. The story is the same. All Democrats are wimps and un-American. All Republicans are manly and All-American. When you can take two DRAFT DODGERS like Bush and Cheney and let them smear and lie about veterans Gore and Kerry, something is deeply wrong.

I challenge you, Anonymous: Go to The Daily Howler (Bob Somerby's site)and read the whole narrative of how the media stuck the knife in Al Gore. It's sickening and enraging. Then read Greenwald's articles about the press sucking up to McCain. Infuriating. The debate on ABC the other night was a perfect example of a Beltway hit job being leveled at Obama. A FLAG PIN?? Are you KIDDING ME?? This is what passes for political discourse any more? They ignored education, immigration, the recession, and a dozen other ,ajor issues, but they had time for THAT?? And Sean f***ing Hannity is feeding questions to Little Georgie S? WTF is that?

Conservatives run the Wall Street Journal, News Corp (Fox News, etc.), the NY Post, the ChiTrib, and the majority of newspapers in America. They control over NINETY PER CENT of talk radio, even though conservatives make up about 32% of all Americans. The Fox cancer has spread to CNN, where moron Glenn Beck calls me un-American for being a Democrat. The cancer spreading from Drudge is well documented. ABC is owned by Disney (ABC put out that lying BS called "The Path to 9/11"). NBC is owned by General Electric. 50% of our media outlets are owned by just a few (right-wing) corporations. Clear Channel (a conservative outfit) runs much of our radio. So, no pal, I'm not buying what you're selling. My argument stands: The Beltway Media adolescents are the mortal enemies of the Democratic Party?