Friday, May 04, 2007

New Video on Government Corruption



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Not to change the subject, but this is encouraging news, as it seems that we will be in Iraq for at least till the next election.

"Iraq insurgent unity collapses

The Iraqi insurgency is showing signs of growing divisions between the nationalists and groups aligned with Al-Qaeda. Encompassing Iraqi nationalism, conservative Islam and radical Islamism, the Sunni insurgency has always been a fractious affair with numerous groups and subgroups operating in the field. In the past, these groups have generally tried to keep their disputes and rivalries private, instead focusing their efforts on attacking the US military and its Iraqi allies.

However, this facade of unity is breaking down, with the most notable example being the Islamic Army's stern criticism of the Al-Qaeda-affiliated Islamic State in Iraq. The rift indicates that the nationalist factions are increasingly divided at the same time as the Islamic State becomes more aggressive.

In an audio statement released on 13 March, Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State of Iraq, an umbrella that includes Al-Qaeda in Iraq, offended other insurgent groups. While alluding to the unity of the insurgent movement, Abu Omar boasted of his group's dominance. He said: "How will things be if the Islamic State's soldiers laid down their weapons and stopped jihad? The answer is known: the honour will be violated, the crops and the cattle will be exterminated. And if you do not believe it, I ask any fighting group... to publish three filmed military operations for breaking into American headquarters, or even just one filmed operation for breaking into just an American military barracks."

The Islamic Army in Iraq took particular umbrage and posted a lengthy statement on 5 April that was highly critical of the Islamic State, part of which said "Abu Omar has transgressed against the entire Islamic nation". The statement rejected the assertion that the Islamic State was the dominant military force and accused it of making false allegations against the Islamic Army, killing members of other insurgent groups without justification — including 30 members of the Islamic Army, killing Sunni civilians, extorting money and killing anyone who does not pay, and stigmatising all its critics by labelling them as apostates. The Islamic Army called on Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda field commanders to 'correct the path' of their followers."

If the U.S. can drive a wedge between the two groups it might create a three-way war. This would serve to generally distract the Insurgency and might preserve American lives as theyd be fighting a two front war. Of course that would not at all be good news for the people of Iraq.

-M.N. Wirth