Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Bush-Cheney-Kristol-Rumsfeld-McCain Catastrophe: By the Numbers

Courtesy of Think Progress.


Anonymous said...

Yes we all see the numbers everyday on the "War on Terror." Wars cost lives and wars cost dollars. What is it worth to you for your freedoms in America? It is a shame that our soldiers are dieing but, they signed up for the job and knew the risks going in. If the "Young and Innocent" stopped signing up for the military there would be no one to fight in these "wars." Why are people not protesting recruiting offices or trying to stop recruiters from getting our "children" to sign up for the military?

Anonymous said...

With the May Day Marches yesterday, I was curious what your views are on the immigration issue?

Joseph said...

Yes, young men sign up knowing they must go "in harm's way". But I challenge you to explain how the Iraq War is protecting our freedoms. On the contrary, it is endangering them by draining resources for no good reason at all. The young men who have died have had their lives sacrificed by bumbling, incompetent liars for a war that did not need to be fought, and that's what angers me.

Anonymous 2: I'll post about this in the future.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for looking into the immigration issue. Lets see, We were attacked on 9 Sept 2001. We responded by attacking and doing major damage to Al Qaeda. In the process of doing that WE overthrew an oppressive government. The next step was to topple a dictator who had gasses and killed his own people. Yes there were mistakes in planning and what to do after liberating Iraq. But, my freedom to walk the streets of America is safe. I don't have to worry about a car bomb or a plane flying into my building of employment. That is the freedom that these fine soldiers are protecting. The best defense in a superior offense.

Joseph said...

Actually, we were attacked on 11 September 2001.

There are more Al Qaeda in the world now than there were then.

There were 25% more terrorist incidents worldwide last year than in 2005, many of them in Afghanistan and Iraq.

There are a lot of brutal dictators and bad governments that COULD have been overthrown by the U.S. (Sudan, North Korea) but they don't have the 2nd highest oil reserves in the world.

We could be struck in any number of ways. We went eight years (February 1993-Sept. 2001) without a major foreign terrorist strike. (Odd how those years largely coincided with Bill Clinton being president.) Iraq is REDUCING our ability to fight terror.

And finally: Where is Mr. Dead or Alive these days, anyway? Pakistan, which is far more dangerous than Iraq ever was, and is one assassination/coup away from being a radical Islamist nation with nuclear weapons.