Friday, March 16, 2007

Tom DeLay: Ooohh, He's Wuff and He's Tuff!

Ah me. Who doesn't remember and cherish the halcyon days when Tom DeLay was riding high, running the Abramoff fueled K Street project, blocking the regulation of his little forced labor/forced abortions nightmare in the Marianas, (scroll down) and spitting out accusations of treason against anyone who dared to criticize Dear Leader? Now this self same Tom DeLay (also affectionately known in these parts as Cockroach Man) has a new book out. (Oh joy!) And he's being aggressive, by golly! Chris Kelly at Huff Po has a bead on it:
Actually, the full title of the DeLay book - which came out Wednesday -- is No Retreat, No Surrender: One American's Fight. Yes, it's a story so bellicose, even the subtitle is scrappy.

And he's earned the right to talk tough, too. Not just because of his own student deferments, but also by the student deferments of Rush Limbaugh (who wrote the forward) and the "other priorities" of Sean Hannity (who wrote the preface) and the book's co-author, Stephen Mansfield.

Four fightin' Americans. Zero seconds in uniform. $25.95 at bookstores everywhere.

No retreat. No surrender. No shame.

(Stephen Mansfield is a truly special case, by the way. His avoidance of military service - -not that there's anything wrong with that -- hasn't stopped him from writing The Faith of the American Soldier, or American Heroes: Stories of Faith, Courage and Sacrifice from the Front Lines or an open letter to Cindy Sheehan where he tells her she's threatening to "dishonor Casey's heroism.")

(How did he get to be on a first name basis with Casey Sheehan? He certainly didn't run into him in combat.)

(It's almost like he's an asswipe.)
HA HA HA! Great stuff! Why is it that all these draft dodging little right punks always talk so tough but never seem to do any of the bleeding and dying? It's almost as if they're trying to compensate for something.
Maybe gutless cowardice?

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