Sunday, March 11, 2007

Fox "News": Right Wing Propaganda Cesspool

Larry Johnson has assembled this appalling and enraging set of screen captures from Fox "News" that will convince you (if you still needed convincing) that Fox is nothing more than a vomitorium of Right wing slander, lies, distortions, smears, and perverted "reporting" that echoes everything, and I mean everything, so many of us have come to hate about the "movement" conservatives who have done such horrendous damage to our country. It's all here, folks, especially the despicable cheerleading for torture that so many wingnuts love to hear.
Fox is a sickening nest of radical right sewer rats and liars--Hannity, O'Reilly, Barnes, Gibson, Hume, Cavuto, all of the scum that we have come to know and despise so well. We need someone richer than Rupert Murdoch to buy or squeeze Fox out of his control and clean out the whole rotten operation--and shut down the network that exists only for one reason: to push the rejected, minority agenda of the wingnuts.
Democrats, boycott Fox. When a Democrat becomes president on 20 January 2009, his or her first act should be to suspend Fox's White House press credentials. It makes no sense to legitimize this organization that has less shame than the old Pravda. To borrow from Cato the Elder, Delende Est Fox News--Fox News Must Be Destroyed.
UPDATE: Cenk Uygur weighs in here.

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