Saturday, October 07, 2006

They're Wounded--That's When They're Most Dangerous

Bush is at 33% approval in the new Newsweek poll.

In that same poll, the Democrats lead on ALL issues, including maintaining moral values and fighting terrorism.

The Foley scandal is biting hard and biting deep.

The vast majority of Americans now believe that Bush lied to them about the rationale for the war. Most Americans also see Iraq as a civil war.

Bush's latest fearmongering tour fell utterly flat.

More Republican ties to Abramoff are being exposed.

A member of Rove's inner circle was just forced to resign on corruption charges.

And now, frightened Republicans are talking about the possibility of losing as many as 50 House seats four weeks from Tuesday. The Senate is up for grabs, too.

So the right wingers are cornered. They're bleeding.

And just like a trapped rat, this is the time they attack most viciously.

The last four weeks will get ugly, as the frantic Republicans increase the volume of their screeching lies. They will throw even more mud. They will use even more incredible smears. Fox News will come up with even more idiotic, dishonest nonsense. They will not go quietly.

And will a desperate, deeply corrupt White House try to start a foreign crisis to rescue the Republicans from a potentially crushing defeat? Could war with Iran be close?

Stay tuned.

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