Friday, October 06, 2006

The Bush Crime Family Strikes Again

Back in the 1980s Neil Bush, the Boy King's brother, was up to his neck in the Savings and Loan scandal, as part of the Silverado S & L collapse. A few years ago he was ensnared in a nasty divorce following his free-wheeling hooker romp through Thailand's classiest whorehouses and callgirl services. (You can read about him here.) He's been involved in one freaking scam after another and is deeply involved with Republican financial angel and all-round evil lunatic Sun Myung Moon. He got in on the Katrina action courtesy of his mommy Barbara, she of the Poisoned Womb. Yeah, this guy has shown again and again that he's a lying con-artist and a thief.
So now he's cashing in on his brother's No Child Left Behind program.
Son of a bitch. Literally.
By the way, the Silverado collapse cost the taxpayers $1.3 BILLION.
Gee, I wonder what would have happened if his name had been Clinton instead of Bush?

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