Thursday, July 21, 2005

We Need a LIVE Participant to Prove GOP Vote Fraud

Anyone who knows me knows that I consider the 2000 election to have been a Republican-run coup d'etat. There are also considerable suspicions about what happened in Ohio in 2004. Now there is renewed talk about what happened in an election you might not have heard much about--the 2002 election in Georgia, where a Democratic governor and U.S. Senator were both turned out of office despite having held substantial poll leads just before the election. The Georgia voting system used, in many areas, a touchscreen system devised by the Diebold Corporation. Diebold's owner is a die-hard Republican who contributed $250,000 to the Bush campaign. The Diebold system in Georgia left no paper trail, i.e., a receipt that a voter could have that reflected his choices. Numerous anomalies popped up when Georgia's votes were tallied. There is an excellent diary and thread about this on DKos this morning. (You should read all the comments, too.)

But I still maintain that none of these accusations are going to fly until we get a living, breathing, sweating, confessing PARTICIPANT in these frauds to come forward. Most Americans are not moved by abstract statistical analyses, but they are moved by credible,emotional public admissions. The quest of the Blogosphere must be to uncover one of the people who hacked and manipulated the system in favor of the Republicans, a person who has ironclad evidence in his or her possession. This is going to take deep cover detective work, but can you imagine the payoff if we find a credible witness? It would mean the utter collapse of the Bush Administration and a discredited Republican Party for the next 20 years. There are people out there who know things and can be persuaded to talk. Let's FIND THEM and forget trying to win this battle just by using numbers.

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