Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A Great Answer to Right Wing Cheap Shots

Certain conservatives wonder why so many people criticize Dear Leader when, after all, in World War II the country pulled together. There's an excellent reply on My Left Wing by dhonig:

"The first letter writer here asks a question I see a lot- ‘can you imagine people win World War II complaining the way liberals complain about Bush and Iraq today?’ The answer, quite honestly, is no, I cannot.

I cannot imagine Harry Truman skipping WWI because he had “other priorities.”

I can’t imagine fighting WWII without gas rationing, even if the profits go to the enemy.

I can’t imagine Harry Hopkins revealing the name of a spy in petty revenge for disagreeing with Roosevelt.

I can’t imagine a WWII where Joe Kennedy never got shot down because he was teaching at a community college.

I can’t imagine a WWII where John Kennedy was never in PT109, arguing the position he coveted 'was taken by blacks and hispanics.'

I can’t imagine WWII without a draft.

I can’t imagine WWII where there was no Rosie the Riveter, because it was cheaper to outsource her job to India.

I can’t imagine WWII in which we tell the Russians and the British they were “old Europe” because they wanted to fight the Germans first instead of agreeing with us that Japan should be the priority, and cutting our alliances as a result.

I can’t imagine fighting WWII against Spain because they were fascist and easy to beat, while ignoring Germany and Japan.

I can’t imagine starting a war against Japan after Pearl Harbor, but then pulling all the aircraft carriers and submarines out of that war to attack Sri Lanka.

I can’t imagine America hiding the bodies of its sons as they come home hidden in the dead of night.

And I can’t imagine Americans in WWII torturing, murdering, and raping, and the government covering it up.

So the answer is no, I can’t imagine having the same criticism of Roosevelt that I have of Bush. But not because I am worse. Because WWII was better."

The entire post is here.

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