Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Goodbye to Andy Griffith

He was one of my all-time favorites. Here are two memorable moments from his career:

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Anonymous said...

Joe, thanks for the two clips, showing a range of character potrayals of which most of us are probably not familiar for Andy.

As for my generation, 'The Andy Griffith Show' is probably more commonly ingrained in most of our minds than most even realize. I am assuming that Andy was responsible to some degree, if not completely, for the invention of these characters of his show and the plots. The characters/actors on that show seem to be burned into our mental "firmware": Of course, Sheriff Andy Taylor (Sheriff without a gun), Barney Fife, Opy, Floyd the Barber, Aunt Bea, Goober, Gomer, Howard Sprague, Otis Campbell, Ernest T. Bass, The Mayor, etc.

A great aspect of the show was that the character attributes that always won out were Sheriff Taylor's good values, level-headedness, down-to-earth approach, and calm rationale in dealing with Mayberry's mishaps. By today's standards the plots were admittedly "light", but, all said and done, if kids were going to be perched in front of a television set, they at least walked away with some good values... better at least than most shows which have appeared since.

Most of us could rattle off for hours the various show plots. And we have probably spent more time than we would care to admit in the (re)watching of these episodes.

Thanks, Andy. I can still hear that whistling.