Sunday, March 04, 2012

Please Read. Absorb. React. And then pass it on.

It's in Andrew Sullivan today. It's called "The Politicization of Catholicism" and it's outstanding. One particularly chilling quote from a fanatical Catholic cardinal:

The cardinal mocked a secular culture that “seems to discover new rights every day.” “I don’t recall a right to marriage,” he said, describing marriage, instead, as a “call.” 

“Now we hear there’s a right to sterilization, abortion and chemical contraceptives. I suppose there might be a doctor who would say to a man who’s suffering some type of sexual dysfunction, ‘You ought to visit a prostitute to help you.’

This bastard thinks the right wing of the Catholic Church has the right to say that marriage isn't a right. (When the HELL did it become a "call"?) You hear that all you "evil" gays--this SOB thinks he has the right to make you a second-class citizen. He thinks that everyone should be forced--yes, forced--to live by right-wing Catholic rules. This is one of the same leaders of a church that tried to hide what is perhaps the most extensive child sexual abuse scandal in human history, daring to lecture us about how we MUST live according to his perverted beliefs. Read the whole piece, and then maybe you'll feel as I do:

These bishops and cardinals can go to hell. 

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