Sunday, December 18, 2011

HURRAH! Kim Jong-il is Dead!

The most brutal tyrant on Earth, the leader of the Stalinist hell known as North Korea, has finally died. Kim was a brutal, vicious, unfeeling monster who allowed millions of his own people to starve and built around himself a cult of personality so vulgar and obscene that Caligula would be embarrassed by it. North Korea is quite literally the least-free nation in the world, and quite possibly the worst nation in the world in which to live. It is all the fault of the barbaric government first headed up by Kim's father, the scum-sucking Kim Il-sung, and then by Little Stalin himself. If I believed in hell, Kim Jong-il would be headed there. Good riddance to this piece of human garbage, and may his brutally and cruelly oppressed people someday be liberated and shown the truth about their "Dear Leader". 

I'm only sorry that he didn't die 30 years ago.

Think I'm too over the top in my sentiments? Read on--and link on, my friends.

An account of the death toll from North Korea's famine in the 1990s is here.

Satellite photos of North Korean death camps are here.

An account of conditions in North Korea's Gulags may be found here.

Additional information on North Korea's death camps, including accounts of grotesque, hideous atrocities, is here.

Amnesty International's report on North Korea's barbaric government is here.

An account of the wretched living conditions in North Korea is here.

Reporters Without Borders reports on North Korea's system of utter and complete censorship here.

And a satellite picture to remind us of the contrast between a free society and a slave state:

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