Sunday, July 31, 2011

Obama Caves In, America Loses

The deal that Barack Obama and the Congressional leadership have agreed to is a disaster for our country and a complete victory for the blackmailing, vicious Tea Party fanatics who threatened to destroy the full faith and credit of the United States if they didn't get their way. In the midst of a cruel and prolonged recession, the government is going to do EXACTLY the wrong thing at the wrong time. This is a complete abdication of responsibility on the part of the President, a man in whom I am severely disappointed. Our "leader" is a man who couldn't negotiate his way out of a paper bag and continues to try to placate people who HATE HIM and will NEVER support him in any way. And do you think any of this will stop the Republicans from waging the ugliest, most vile, most hate-drenched campaign in American history in 2012? They're STILL going to screech that Obama is an Anti-American/Marxist/Terrorist/Nazi/Communist/Muslim Traitor. And you know what? There's a damn good chance they'll win, and that we will have a government that makes Bush and Cheney's horrendous administration look benign by comparison. 

Can you imagine--CAN YOU IMAGINE--the tragedy of having someone like Rick Perry or Michele Bachmann in the White House? And yet, this is what this cowardly "Democratic" president is leading us to. If the ultra-Right wins power next year, it will institute policies so radical and destructive that it will mean the effective end of our democratic-republic. Science will be rejected in favor of creationist idiocy and global warming denial. The poor will be beaten into the ground and left to fend for themselves. Medicare will be destroyed and Social Security will be "reformed" out of existence. The tax code will be dictated exclusively by criminal grifters like Grover Norquist and will pour obscene amounts of money into the pockets of the ultra-rich. The gap between rich and poor will reach shocking new proportions as a permanent underclass will be doomed to suffer lives of unending wretchedness. The health care reforms won at such great effort will be wiped out and the chronically ill will continue to suffer needlessly. Immigration? Expect Arizona on a national level. Infrastructure improvement will be ignored, environmental protections will be gutted, worker safety will be ignored, unions will finally be smashed, and the government's regulatory powers permanently crippled. Women will be reduced to second class citizenship as the Fascist Right destroys not only abortion rights but outlaws contraceptives on "moral grounds". (And don't forget that Scalia says that women aren't covered by the equal protection of the law--for real.) Gays will be legally shoved back into the closet and made into targets of official hatred, as the more radical Teabagger states start sending gays to prison again. And the insane "war on drugs" will be brutally accelerated. All this while the Republicans make it harder and harder for the poor and minorities to vote, effectively making fascist rule permanent. At the top, it will be government by Corporatist Kleptocracy. For everyone else, it will be "Christian Nation" theocracy, as Christianist fundamentalism is made into the semi-official State Religion. And I don't even want to think of the nuclear arsenal of the United States being in the hands of people who think the "End Times" are upon us, nor a foreign policy designed by William Kristol and the other Chickenhawk homicidal maniacs.

You think I'm exaggerating? EVERY SINGLE THING I've just cited is an official right-wing policy objective. That's what actually will happen if and when the Fascist Right comes to power, something that may just happen because the economy will continue to slide further and further downward.

We're screwed

I thought I was voting for FDR in 2008.

Instead, I got Neville Chamberlain.

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