Monday, December 20, 2010

One Hundred Fifty Years Ago This Week...

170 vile traitors in South Carolina declared that their state was leaving the Union, the start of the most monstrous and devastating act of treason in American history, one which eventually left over 620,000 military dead and tens of thousands of civilian dead. This treason left an additional 400,000 Americans wounded, many permanently disabled. And on what grounds were the vile traitors acting? The suspicion that the conciliatory Abraham Lincoln, who was bending over backward to compromise with the vicious slave owning class of the South, would act to crush the South's "peculiar institution" as it was once known.

And this was the "noble cause" the South Carolina traitors were defending:

And the outcome of the mass treason they started?

And the political party that celebrates the Confederate treason and honors the Confederate traitors?

Take one guess:

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