Saturday, May 29, 2010

Radical Right Determined to Lie About and Smear President Obama on Memorial Day

Shrieking right-wing frauds like Michelle Malkin are having a hissy fit about President Obama choosing to have the Memorial Day wreath laying in Elwood, Illinois, instead of at Arlington National Cemetery. And the right-wing fruitcakes are out in force, apparently, on the Radical Right conservative sites, with their usual incisive comments about our President: "traitor", "piece of shit", "Communist". It just shows how deeply dishonest, twisted, and morally bankrupt these idiots really are. There is nothing--NOTHING--they will not try to politicize and LIE about. The right cannot be trusted on ANYTHING. The do little else except lie through their teeth.

FOR THE RECORD, from commenter Sam on Liberal Forum:

1983 - Reagan attended a seminar in Williamsburg VA. Dep Sec of Defense W. Paul Thayer laid the wreath at Arlington

1987 - Reagan spent Mem Day at Camp David on VACATION while Navy Sec James Webb participated in the Mem Day services at Arlington Cemetery

1988 Reagan was out of the U.S. attending a summit in Moscow.

(during his 4yr term as Pres., Geo H.W. Bush NEVER attended ceremonies at Arlington on Mem Day)

1989 - Pres Geo H.W. Bush went to Rome Italy, and attended services at an American military base cemetery.

1990 - Pres Geo H.W. Bush was on VACATION at Kennebunkport MA on Memorial Day.

1991 - Pres Geo H.W. Bush was on VACATION at Kennebunkport MA on Memorial Day.

1992 - George H.W. Bush was on VACATION but attended a ceremony in Kennebunkport MA, where he also played golf while V.P. Quayle laid the wreath at Arlington Cemetery.

2002 - Pres. Geo W. Bush commemorated Mem Day at Normandy.

2007 - Pres. Geo W. Bush was in Texas, V.P. Cheney attended the Arlington Nat Cem services on Mem Day.

Any questions?

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