Sunday, April 11, 2010

This is Why Getting Our Budget Under Control is So Hard

John Sides (link here) put these charts together based on data gathered by YouGov (click to enlarge):

Note the discrepancy between the costliest items in our budget and the willingness of Americans to cut them. It is also worth noting that the average American thinks foreign aid comprises a vastly greater share of spending than it actually does.

And you wonder why I get so exasperated.


Anonymous said...

Great Chart Joseph. Which of the big spending items from the budget would you cut and why? I am sure that you will cut National Defense but please explain. Thank you.

Norma said...

You should have watched Glenn Beck the other night. He really dissected the DoD budget and the huge military spending and waste. You would have had to actually watch, instead of getting it through a filter, however.