Friday, February 26, 2010

John McCain to Be on a Sunday Talk Show for the TWENTIETH TIME Since November 2008

The absurd details are here.

What the hell is going on with the Washington press corps? Maybe they forgot that McCain lost by 9.5 million votes, and 365-173 electoral votes. He is NOT in the Republican Senate leadership and he has NOTHING new to say. Why, why, WHY, is he constantly given a platform for his ludicrous BS?


The Constitutional Crusader said...

Because he's making the arguments that aren't being heard on the State Run Media networks. Granted, he's only doing it so that he can stay in the Senate, but it doesn't make what he's saying any less true. Reduce government involvement in healthcare and it will work itself out. It's called the 'free market' because it's supposed to be out from under the government's thumb, after all.

Joseph said...

Ah, I see, the Right-Wingers have no voice! Just Fox "News" and the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post and the Washington Post editorial page and the Reader's Digest and the 90% of talk radio dominated by right-wingers, and a HUNDRED other sources.

You look young and healthy. Wait until you're not any more. Wait until an insurance company drops you for no good reason. There are 45,000 of your fellow Americans who die for lack of health care every year. Do these people matter to you?

Why do we not have something that even Japan and Switzerland have? Or are they "socialist" states?

No, things will not "work themselves out". Come down to Earth and back to reality. There are severe problems with our health care system. Why do you think over 80% of Canadians, when asked, say they do NOT want an American-style system in Canada? Why is the U.S. the ONLY industrialized nation that lacks such a system?

pablo said...

Yes, you look young and healthy,so move to some other country while you can.

This country does not collectively have enough intelligence to solve this health care issue. It most likely won't be solved in your lifetime: it's been an issue for most of mine, and I am getting no younger. And I also have other family members to be concerned about as well.

Aside from the number of deaths due to lack of health care, many get financially wiped out, often too late in life to ever recover.

The only realistic solution is a national health care system - all included, no strings attached. Just take a look around at the rest of the world.

Don said...

Give him a break, Joseph. Our generation started the worship of the free market. Somehow it still sounds almost as good as when Reagan's Bread and Circuses Strong Dollar policies launched the first assault on our manufacturing base. At some point, the greedy locusts who abuse the free market will simply go away, and America can be great again.

pablo said...

Don, I look for "the greedy locusts who abuse the free market" to go away when pigs are on the wing.

pablo said...

Don, I look for "the greedy locusts who abuse the free market" to go away when pigs are on the wing.