Thursday, April 26, 2007

Broder's Boy Bounces All the Way Down to 28%

Aging knucklehead David Broder recently speculated that President Dimwit might be in for a "surge" of support, a "bounce", if you will.

Oh, too bad, Davey. Your hero is down to 28% approval--the lowest of his rotten, miserable excuse for a presidency.

Retire, Broder. Stop embarrassing yourself.


* said...

Those polled gave Congress an approval rating of 27%, with the Democrats as a group pulling in 35% approval.......Thank god, for a second I was worried that approval rating on the Democrats was close to that of Bush*

Joseph said...

Note the approval rating of the REPUBLICANS in Congress. Something like 22%, if I recall. The public is angry and disillusioned right now, but they're REALLY angry at the rightwingers.